Signs a person may be a sex trafficking victim:

  • Not in possession of their own identification or travel documents
  • Not free to move around independently, socialize at all or attend religious services
  • Of school age but not in school
  • Being deprived of food, water, sleep, medical care or other life necessities
  • Has few personal possessions
  • Seems fearful or anxious in normal situations
  • Has tattoos or other markings (e.g., bar codes) that show ownership
  • Has a much older sexual/romantic partner
  • Claims to be “just visiting” or “only passing through” with no ability to clarify reason for visit or final destination
  • Cannot speak on their own behalf

Signs a person may be a trafficker:

  • Carries multiple cell phones
  • Carries several hotel key cards
  • Suddenly acquires a lot of expensive things
  • Speaks for the “group”
  • Only pays cash for rooms

If you suspect someone is a victim or a perpetrator, call 888.373.7888 or, in an emergency, call 911.