Trading Sex and Sexual Exploitation Among High School Students: 2019 Minnesota Student Survey Minnesota’s first estimate of youth sexual exploitation indicates that at least 5,000 high school-age youth in the state have traded sex in order to receive  money, food, drugs, alcohol, a place to stay or something else of value.

Sexual Violence Research CALCASA (California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) published this report that synthesizes key findings from a comprehensive review of the peer-reviewed research literature on sexual violence in the United States published between January 2015 and March 2019 and extracted from six databases spanning a broad range of fields across the social sciences and health disciplines.

Busting the Myths: Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Provides basic definitions of both sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, and addresses some common myths and misconceptions, produced by the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Information Sexual Health and Trauma from the National Child and Traumatic Stress Network: Provides information about sexual health to providers. This fact sheet discusses what sexual health is, the challenges providers face when talking about sexual health, sexual health principles, as well as how trauma impacts sexual health conversations.

Resources and information from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Changing the Narrative of Violence Against Women

Polaris 2018 Statistics Fact Sheet

Polaris 2018 State-by-state statistics Please note: These numbers only reflect those sex and labor trafficking cases that originated through those survivors who called the National Trafficking Hotline

2019 Trafficking in Persons Report – United States Department of State

Sex Trafficking in America A PBS documentary

The Polaris Project Vetted statistics and information

National Human Trafficking Hotline Statistics and information

Shared Hope International Policy research and resources

Faces of Human Trafficking A video series produced by the Office for Victims of Crime

Nothing About Us Without Us Research developed by The Women’s Fund

Nebraska’s Commercial Sex Market Research developed by The Women’s Fund

HEAL’s Rethinking Representation: Framing Human Trafficking for Healthcare Professionals A webinar that shares considerations when talking auto others about human trafficking.

Resources in Nebraska

Heartland Family Service provides 24/7 advocacy, crisis counseling and emergency shelter

Immigrant Legal Center provides legal services including assistance with T and U visas, education and advocacy

Magdalene Omaha is a two-year recovery and economic development program for survivors

Project Harmony provides resources for families and youth

Rejuvenating Women/Restored Wings Program Omaha A faith-based home with a long-term therapeutic treatment program specifically created for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

Salvation Army – SAFE-T program provides 24/7 support to victims/survivors across Nebraska
1-888-373-7888 (National Human Trafficking Hotline connects to SAFE-T)

Survivors Rising is a group of survivor leaders dedicated to advocacy, education and support for survivors of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking

Youth Emergency Services provides 24/7 support to youth in crisis in the Omaha area

YouTurn provides mentoring and support services to young women affected by domestic/intimate partner violence

Women’s Center for Advancement provides 24/7 support to victims/survivors in the Omaha metro area 402-345-7273

Statewide Resources

Nebraska Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence provides statewide advocacy through a network of local programs committed to the prevention and elimination of sexual and domestic violence 402-476-6256