College World Series & Legislative Update from The Women’s Fund

During the upcoming College World Series, the Women’s Fund is working to raise awareness through their Not On My Watch campaign about what sex trafficking really looks like in our community.

2019 Legislation:
for using your voices and amplifying efforts to support survivors of trafficking in our state legislature. Your calls, emails, letters, tweets, Facebook posts, and any other avenues you used to reach out to your state senators were incredibly impactful!

LB 519 which included the below critical policy measures was passed nearly unanimously by the Legislature and approved by the Governor.

  • LB 516, introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, ensures that trafficked children, regardless of the identity of their trafficker, have access to services necessary to address their need for safe and appropriate shelter, medical and mental health care (including substance abuse services), education and other needs (amended into LB 519);
  • LB 517, introduced by Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, provided clarification and expansion of civil damages for trafficking victims (amended into LB 519);
  • LB 519, introduced by Senator Julie Slama, increased opportunity for justice for trafficking victims through lengthened statute of limitations to prosecute trafficking offenses.
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Sold for Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska

Sold for Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska

This link will let you watch the first 30 minute program.

This link should also let you:

  • watch more than an hour of additional video content from the project
  • access our earlier radio/web reporting on the subject
  • access additional resources
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